Clairvoyance / clearsight

Clarifications of situations in your life.

The future: Guidance and advice. You have your free will to decide.

What lies in the present.

Clairvoyance is the French word for clear sight. A vision for the inner eye, just as clear hearing and clear feeling happens inside you. We use our souls daily to sense, listen, feel, taste and smell. It also comes as our intuition and sensations. Clairvoyance is often referred as our 6th sense.
Say yes to life! and realize that life goes on after death!

For how else should we be able to communicate with our dear departed ones?

However, nothing is given and I can not be sure that something or someone is coming through from the other side.

However, I would say that they tend to stand in line on the other side to get in touch with their loved ones and if necessary give some good advice, to get on with life.

My sittings last about 45 minutes and there is plenty of time to reach far.

It’s a good idea to write down what you would like answers to. Be well prepared.

The fact that you are sitting and being aware what you would like to know more about, summons those you are thinking of. They know what you want to be told. Then it’s up to them what they choose to give you of advice in that moment.

I relay messages from the spiritual / soul world. It may be from departed relatives, or it may be from other spiritual counselors. You do not always have control over this, before you get started. I both feel, listen and visualize what is called:

• Clear feeling – to feel emotions
• Clear hearing – hearing sounds
• Clairvoyance – I see the departed and have short experiences, as a small film for the inner eye.

A clairvoyant reads into the client’s energies (aura) and it happens many times without contact with the departed and therefore the client’s wishes may be intercepted, and interpreted. Not all clairvoyants can receive messages from departed persons.

So if you want a sign of presence from your departed one, can a medium offer this? Yes, definitely, but there is no guarantee that it will happen! It is only if the departed wishes to make himself known that the contact will take place!

At a session, the mental abilities I possess are used. I can feel the imbalances, the pain, the grief and so on.

As a Medium, I am able to “hear” messages from the non-physical world, the Soul world, which is more alive than what we know here on earth.
It does not sound like the spoken language we know from our daily lives, but feels more like thoughts, ideas, and signs that are telepathically received in the mind and recorded as speech, sight, or felt as emotions or physical sensations.

Words and phrases are often used that I would not normally use myself, but that you would be able to recognize. I always use a good dose of humor and warmth.

Clairvoyance gives you options but does not make any decision for you. You have your free will and own choice to live life, in the most appropriate way.

I look forward to meeting you and your acquaintances from the other side!